Interview & Job Hunting Tips

Job Hunting Tips & Hints

Want some advice on how to create that great first impression and secure the perfect role? The search for a new job and the subsequent interviews are never easy. There are of course certain tips and hints that can make this process a whole lot easier and ultimately increase your chances of bagging your perfect job. Here at…

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Is Your Resume 6-Second Worthy?

In a time when recruiters and hiring managers are getting inundated with applicants for job postings, one technique they quickly learn to master is the art of “skimming” resumes. They just don’t have time to read each resume word-for-word. Instead, they glance at it quickly and look for key info. If they don’t see what…

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10 Things Your Interviewer Won’t Tell You

Wondering what’s running through your interviewer’s mind? Here are 10 things your interviewer might be thinking—but probably won’t tell you: 1. You showed up too early. Many interviewers are annoyed when candidates show up more than five or 10 minutes early, since they  may feel obligated to interrupt what they’re doing and go out to greet …

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